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Our estate plans are carefully tailored to you and your family’s individual situation: there are very real consequences to structuring the transfer of assets from one generation to the next and attention to detail is one of the keys to success.  There are some great opportunities as well: our litigation team helps resolve prior failures to properly plan or the unintended consequences of families using one-size-fits-all planning to cut costs, creating greater expense down the road.  It is always better to act preemptively and to prepare an estate plan that works in from the first stage of the planning process.

When we meet, we will identify the most important issues for you. Of course, everyone hopes to save taxes and avoid probate court, but what if saving taxes results in a child being disinherited?  What if going to court can help us secure the future of your family business?  The details of your situation will govern how we to proceed. 

Do you have family close by to take care of you?  Will you need to be moved to another state if incapacitated?  These are just a few of the questions you and your family may face. We will cut through the complexity and provide clear, streamlined answers for you to assess.

Our estate planning process takes about 4 to 6 weeks to design a plan.  (In our experience, if the process takes longer, there is a risk of information and goals becoming blurred and less accurate.)  All the steps below are scheduled at our initial meeting with you:

Our Process graphic


We need to educate ourselves about every aspect of your goals, needs and concerns, so there is absolutely no charge and no time limit for your first consultation with our team.  Please call 773.489.8500 today to discuss whether we are your best choice for protecting you and your family, today and in the future. 

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