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Happy Young Family

What sets our firm apart is our focus on making sure a plan is in place that will effectively address your families’ individual needs. 


When I say “plan” I mean more than just the typical estate planning documents, I am talking about bringing your vision to life.  As a former estate and trust litigator, I saw terrific documents fail to work because not all of the family and legal dynamics were considered.

For some of our young families, budget is an important matter to consider.  It was not that long ago I was there myself.  That is why we have designed different packages that meet most budgets.  While talking about budgets, I would like to take this opportunity to warn you against “do it yourself” services.  The rules governing the drafting and execution of documents in Illinois are very strict, and you do yourself and your loved ones a great disservice by cutting corners when addressing critical issues such as who takes care of your minor children upon your death.

With that said, here are some typical matters to consider…

  1. Who would take care of my children if I were unable to care for them?

  2. Where will my children live?

  3. Who would manage their money?

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